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Tea with Liz

Self care can be as simple as talking to someone. Many of us know this. Though sometimes the question can be, “Who is safe to talk about this with?”

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We conduct workshops for organizations of all types on a variety of uplifting subjects. Our most recent workshop is titled, “One person can change a system”


Elizabeth, an accomplished speaker, has spoken at events that promote parent education, leadership, community, faith, and – of course – appreciation.

Share Appreciation Movement

Recognizing people anywhere, all the time. We’re helping you show the people in your everyday life you notice them and appreciate them; from strangers to our friends, everyone desires to feel acknowledged and affirmed.

“One of the things that affects me the most isn’t necessarily the biggest compliments I get, it’s the appreciation I receive for the things I do on a daily basis that otherwise go unnoticed, unseen or unheard.
It’s really nice to have my day-to-day efforts be acknowledged [on the Appreciation Board®] when I feel like no one is noticing.”
-Single mom of 3 wonderful girls

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We use the Appreciation Board® around our office. I left it out in the break room, and within a day, people were already writing nice notes to each other and using it to give shout outs when someone lent them a hand. Our Appreciation Board® is a great reminder of the good things in life, even during stressful situations. I'd recommend it to everyone.

Ben Herman, CEO, MadFish SEO

As a family therapist, I have recommended gratitude or notes of thanks to help clients focus on the positive aspects of their family lives. Having a place [Appreciation Board®] dedicated to this idea that is easily accessible and has others using it in a similar manner, can go a long way. For families struggling to stay connected in these days of electronic distractions and over-booked lives, this is a tangible way to show that you appreciate each other.

I know families that take pictures of the messages on the board before they erase it to add more. A nice reminder that what you say to others is important and makes a difference.

Julia Riutzel, MA, LPC, NCC, Family Therapist, Life Coach

I bought an Appreciation Board® for my wife. When she was out of the house, I set it up on the fridge and wrote her a note. When she came home I got a text saying 'OMG you're so amazing! This is exactly what I needed!' Thank you so much for selling such a great product that is so easy to use. We use it every day and I feel it has helped our relationship grow.

James M-Purchased from Amazon

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“At first it may sound like a bit of a silly idea, but once they see how good it makes them feel that they’re being appreciated and noticed, it’s worth giving a try.”

 – Noah, age 16

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Why We Exist

“…with all the chaotic schedules in our home, it was easy to stress and forget to take time out to enjoy each other, which could, and often times did, lead others to feel unappreciated.
After using the Appreciation Board®… Everyone feels a lot more appreciated because they are being acknowledged. We’ve also gotten closer with each other and it feels like it has opened up more opportunities for conversation. [We] have gotten to ‘know’ each other better.”
– May S (working mom with a busy family)

Our story began with these same feelings of being unappreciated and unnoticed; until the day we made the Appreciation Board®. With the Appreciation Board® everyone in our home has made an effort to share because it’s easy:

we share what we like about someone

we acknowledge someone’s efforts

we share ‘Thank Yous’

we tell someone they are loved …

These simple actions can improve our relationships and encourage a person’s sense of worth! Positive sharing supports positive change.

Expressive Connections exists to help people feel that they are valued, appreciated, and affirmed. We offer tools and knowledge that help share the influential power of appreciation and the ways we can transform the world by how we relate with ourselves and others.

Stories like May’s above continue to remind us – it’s the little things in life that influence the big things.

Elizabeth Spitzer

Wife/Mother/Creative Partner

Elizabeth is a Listener, Teacher, and Speaker whose desire is to support and encourage others. She has a vision for a better world where more people positively notice and acknowledge others in appreciation.

In addition to Expressive Connections (& home), Liz works part-time for a market research company and continues education in Psychology and Communication.

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Jeff Spitzer


Jeff is the Financial guru and Behind-the-Scenes wizard who keeps the business in shape. He is also a great listener and life coach.

In addition to Expressive Connections and his marketing research career, Jeff is currently working towards his goal of being a certified Health & Nutritional Coach.

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