The honor and privilege of speaking before people is something that no one should take lightly.

And Liz does not. Liz has a sincere and heart-driven belief in people and the positive and amazing things they can do in life (by small or large acts).

Inspired and motivated by personal events that range from a high-conflict atmosphere while growing up; sibling suicide; divorce and re-marry – she believes that we can rise up; stand strong; and change our circumstances (or story) and do great things.

Her speaking connects to the audience in its authenticity, vulnerability, and humor. Her charismatic style can be enthusiastic and heartwarming.

Liz is not just a speaker, she is a friend.

Our current workshop offerings are:

One Person can Change a System

Dr. Michael Nichols shares that “One person is capable of changing an entire system”. We will explore ways that we can change our ‘systems’ at home, work, and school – by simple actions that develop and strengthen personal connections.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Identify three emotional characteristics that help people feel more connected and supported.
  • Relate to the influence of positive-styles of communication on our individual self-concept.

Liz has become more in tune with a deep want in many and therefore encourages, motivates and inspires others to do ‘three As’: Acknowledge, Affirm and Appreciate. Through her own life experiences, listening and noticing she believes that one person can change any ‘system’ and that what we say, or don’t say, influences others.

Workshop Feedback:

“Absolutely phenomenal workshop”

Elizabeth is a mother, wife and everyday-type person like you. Through her personal life experiences and the unending belief that we can affect others in the things we say; don’t say; do, or don’t do. She is on a mission to help others feel empowered, strong, courageous, and not give up on themselves, or others.

There is nothing so special about what Liz does, it is more about the fact that she chooses to believe in others and shares it with a quiet passion that others find comforting and encouraging. She tries to make a difference every where she goes – even if that is simply an acknowledgement of someone; the act of Listening; or by Teaching with knowledge and storytelling.

She is currently continuing her education in Psychology, Communication, and Leadership.